Welcome to my blog

5:52 PM
Welcome to my blog! My name is Michelle I'm from Portland Oregon & I cook in socks!

Some facts about me:

I grew up in Tucson Arizona where I went to school to be a photographer. In 2012 I married my wonderful husband Mario who I have been cooking with from the beginning of our relationship in 2009.  I have always been drawn to taking pictures of food and have enjoyed cooking over the years and one thing led to another and I decided to work my love of food into my thesis project. Since then I have been trying to figure out how to incorporate two of my loves: food and photography together and this seems like what I'm suppose to do. My husband and I are trying to eat more healthy so as a result we are cooking more and are having fun trying out new recipes. I also love socks, fuzzy soft socks to be exact! 

I will update as often as I can when I'm not working! 
Please check back often!


  1. Hi Michelle, had to pop over and *see who you are* - I love the set up of your blog and your photographs just make me want to stuff my face with everything that's in them ;)

    ... I'll be back :O

    Oooh.... how to sound like a stalker on a food blog - see me :D xx

  2. Hey Abbe! Thanks for popping over and saying hi! I'm so glad you like my blog! Pop on by any time! :)

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