Organizing my pantry!

9:44 PM
Ive been working a lot and haven't had time to cook but I am making a list of recipes that I'm going to try out and will post them this coming week!

On this rainy day here in Portland I thought I would use my time and organize my pantry!
I just got some nifty chalkboard sticker labels and a chalk pen that is 1mm which is perfect for writing on small labels.

I started off filling up my clamp jars with all my dry ingredients such as flour, couscous, rice and oats and writing on the labels with my new white chalk pen!

Right now we are living in a one bedroom apartment and I have to get creative with how I store food. We have a tiny little pantry and my goal is to slowly consolidate all of the food that we use most often into jars and other containers

I lucked out with the oven we ended up with in our apartment because it has a little shelf on top of the oven that I have been using to display the oils and vinegars that we use most often. I thought, since I have to look at these every day I might as well make them look nice!

(I will upload a photo when I'm all done converting all my oils and vinegars into their new bottles)

 These are the olive oil and vinegar bottle and glass bottle with clamp stopper that I bought for my project

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