Miso Noodle Soup to go!

11:00 AM
Hello friends! I felt like making something new for the week! After starting my full time job this past year it has been hard for me to be consistent in my postings (kinda worn out at the end of the day!) Plus its hard to take photos of food when it's dark outside! 
But now that it is spring time the sun is setting later and not I have some more sunlight to take photos after I cook! I've been eating a lot of soup for lunch at my desk job so I am trying to adding a little variety to my lunches and be healthy. I saw this recipe at The Londoner and thought I would love to make a version of that. I modified it slightly but it is quote tasty!

Any A jar with clamp (I used a 16oz jar)
1 package of dry Yakisoba Noodles handful of dried noodles
1 small handful of mixed asian veg (I used a broccoli cabbage slaw) 
1 cooked chicken breast / cooked shrimp / tofu
Small handful of bean sprouts
4 shiitake mushrooms (sliced)
1 scallion (diced)
1/4-1/2 tsp hot sauce (I like garlic chili sauce)
1tsp miso paste
1tsp bouillon/stock powder (Check and make sure it has no MSG)
1tbsp soy sauce

Cook noodles according to package and divide into jars. (make sure you flatten them out so you can add all the other goodies to the jar!)

In a small bowl mix together your soy sauce, miso, bouillon and as much hot sauce as you fancy (make sure you add just add even just a little, it gives the soup a great bite!)
Add diced cooked chicken, mushrooms, scallions and slaw onto the bed of noodles. (I stuffed as much veggies in as I could)

Add boiling water up to the next of the jar, seal the top and watch the water turn into the that delicious broth. After a few minutes pop open that lid and enjoy!

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