Egg McMuffin

4:05 PM
Hello everyone! On this beautiful sunny day here in Portland I felt like making breakfast for lunch! I usually have this yummy healthier Egg McMuffin for breakfast before going to work, but today I decided to have it for lunch instead.


1 whole wheat English Muffin toasted
1/2 a strand of scallions (diced)
1 slice of turkey bacon (cooked)
1 dash of olive oil (not pictured)
1 small handful of greens
1 ramekin (or small bowl )
1 egg

  • This is how you make a egg McMuffin: In the ramekin add a dash of olive oil and make sure the sides of the ramekin are fully coated.

  • Place diced scallions and egg and use fork to mix completely.

  • Put in microwave for 25 seconds or until egg is fully cooked.

  • Use fork to lift the egg patty and place on toasted English muffin

  • Add greens and bacon and there you have it! Your own homemade Egg McMuffin!

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